Brittanicar: 260 Victoria, Lachine, Montreal, H8S 1Y3 514-637-6661

We offer British car repair and maintenance for classic and new vehicles; also German, Italian and French.

Meticulous restoration projects from small projects to full frame off. We specalize in English and European cars.

About Us

Since 1984, the team at Brittanicar has been keeping classic British cars like Mini, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, and Austin Healey on the road. What started out as a British automobile maintenance and repair shop with general mechanics, rebuilding and modification, quickly turned into a renowned restoration shop, offering partial or full frame off restoration and fabrication.

As parts became harder to find, adapting and retrofitting transmissions, electronic ignition systems, steering, and engines to older British cars improved on the reliability of classic key components. The excellent fabrication skills of shop personnel were applied to creating repeatable retrofit modifications for vintage cars, enhancing daily drivability and keeping some cars on the road.

We have also created a complete custom built car, and applied our knowledge and fabrication expertise to creating competition vehicles for circuit racing, ice racing, and drifting. This is a company created by enthusiasts, run by enthusiasts, and serving enthusiasts. When we take on a project, we do it right, with safety always in mind. Whether keeping your car 100% original, or adapting it to the modern realities of a daily driver, we are here to make sure your special vehicle is safe, and as reliable as possible.

Need a part that doens't exist anymore? Want to fit your square peg into your car's round hole? We can do that.

Various retrofitting options for adapting modern technologies to classic cars. Enhanced reliability, better parts availability, etc.