Brittanicar: 260 Victoria, Lachine, Montreal, H8S 1Y3 514-637-6661
Transmission Rebuilding Montreal

Whether you have an automatic or standard, broken or dying, we can bring it back to life!

British Engine Rebuiling Montreal

We can rebuild your engine to your specs, carb or injection, 100% original or tuned for power.

Mechanics / Tuning

General maintenance and car repair of British automobiles is where we started our business. Our experience with MG, Triumph, Mini, Austin Healey, Jaguar and other marques means we know what to look for and make the proper cost effective repair or maintenance. We are experts with SU carburettors, tune-ups, Lucas electrical, or brakes and offer full engine rebuilding or transmission and clutch rebuilds.

Add to that suspension work, electrical trouble shooting and repairs, panel replacement, for full service from experienced and knowledgeable staff.

We also do special modification such as cylinder heads and preparation for competition.

Our passion for everything automotive leads to full knowledge of the latest automotive technologies, including electronic ignitions, fuel injection, and modern engines, transmissions and systems we maintain or retrofit to older British cars.

MG Car Repairs Montreal

Meticulous attention to detail when performing conversions of classic British and other car projects.

British Car Modification Montreal

You name it, we can do it. From sourcing to modifying to tuning, Brittanicar is your one-stop shop!