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The MGB 5 speed transmission conversion with a modern smooth-shifting transmission lowers highway RPM to improve cruising noise and fuel economy.

The Ratco TR6 replacement frames are an excellent way to deal with rusty original frames. Stiffer than the original for improved handling.

We provide custom Bully Clutch upgrades.


It is amazing what retrofitting modern components to a classic British automobile can do. Modern components can operate better, improve reliability, increase performance, and make it easier to maintain a classic or older car.

Retro fit of 5-speed transmissions to MGB, electronic ignition for Mini or A-series engines, replacement of steering on Austin Healey, MGB-GT disc brake conversion and Ratco TR6 frame replacement, are among many successful upgrades on British cars.

Suspension conversions, stronger clutches and 5-speed transmissions, smoother and robust steering components, allow you to enjoy the original feeling of your classic ride, while feeling safe and secure with the knowledge these components are the latest technology and have the reliability common on modern automobiles.

Electromotive electrical installations provide a hotter and more reliable spark, that can compensate for distributor wear and provide a cleaner combustion for more power.

At last you can feel safe driving your Austin Healey 3000. Junk that 100 year old technology and say goodbye to sloppy steering.