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MGB 5 Speed Transmission Conversion

MGB 5 speed transmission conversion with a modern smooth-shifting transmission lowers highway RPM to improve cruising noise and fuel economy.

MGB 5-Speed Transmission MGB 5-Speed Transmission MGB 5-Speed Transmission MGB 5-Speed Transmission MGB 5-Speed Transmission

Add a modern 5 speed transmission to your MGB This is a bolt in kit using a Nissan FSW71C transmission and requires no cutting, fabrication or welding. This conversion is 70lbs lighter than a stock configuration. A lighter flywheel allows quicker acceleration of the engine but still has enough mass for street use. A reduction gear starter adds power and reliability. A modern Nissan 9. clutch assembly combined with a long throw slave cylinder and short shifter offer precise quick shifts. An electronic programmable speedometer allows easy calibration and accurate speedometer readings regardless of gear ratios and tire sizes. Taller gear ratios allow relaxed around town driving with less frequent shifting and quieter highway cruising and lower engine R.P.M. The transmission has a lower parasitic loss than a MGB unit providing a noticeable power gain. With a torque limit of 435 FT/LBS this transmission is extremely reliable. Gear ratios: 1st: 3.321:1 2nd: 1.902:1 3rd: 1.308:1 4th: 1:1 5th: .759:1 Overall weight of the transmission is 90 lbs 35 lbs lighter than a MGB o/d transmission. THE FOLLOWING IS WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE KIT: 1. A laser cut aluminum engine back plate weighs 6.5 lbs 2. A laser cut and powdercoated slave cylinder mounting bracket 3. A reconditioned flywheel CNC machined to accept a Nissan ring gear and clutch and lightened 4 lbs. 4. A 9. Nissan clutch kit includes clutch cover, clutch plate and throw outbearing. 5. A reduction gear starter that is 10 lbs lighter than the stock MG unit. 6. A laser cut and powdercoated steel crossmember that bolts to stock location and accepts up to a 21/2. exhaust pipe. 7. A modified Megan version 1 short shifter. Installs in the stock location but reduces throw by 40%. 8. A programmable electronic speedometer. 9. A CNC machined yoke that connects the transmission to the stock driveshaft. 10. A long throw slave cylinder and pushrod. 11. A bolt on transmission mount. 12. Engine rear gaskets, rear oil seal, pilot bushing and all hardware to complete the installation. PLEASE TAKE NOTE THE TRANSMISSION BOX IS NOT PART OF THE KIT. Available options: * Electronic tachometer that matches speedometer. * Transmission kit with oil seals and gaskets. * Viton engine rear oil seal. * Reconditioned Nissan transmission. * Professional installation.